BA #070: Allison Miller

March 30, 2015 |

Allison Miller Podcast Interview


We could be heroes, we could be heroes, episode seventy and you! On the seventieth Box Angeles actor Allison Miller (Terra Nova, Go On) stops by Studio 309. She discusses moving a lot as a child, how she was discovered from the reality show In Search of the New Partridge Family, driving around LA as a 20 year old, and more! READ FULL POST >>

Director Matt Shakman Podcast Interview

BA #069: Matt Shakman

March 23, 2015 |

On the sixty-ninth episode of Box Angeles, director Matt Shakman (Mad Men, House) stops by the studio and discusses why he always arrives to set first, how he ‘fell’ into acting at age 4, attending Yale University and more!

Marvel Writer Jeff Loveness on Box Angeles Podcast

BA #068: Jeff Loveness

March 16, 2015 |

On the sixty-eighth episode of Box Angeles, writer Jeff Loveness (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Marvel) stops by the studio and discusses his love of Dean Cain, having a sketch video go viral and more!

Midroll's Adam Sachs Podcast Interview

BA #067: Adam Sachs

March 8, 2015 |

On the sixty-seventh episode of Box Angeles, businessman Adam Sachs (Earwolf, Wolfpop) lets Box into Earwolf studios and discusses starting his first business (a group dating app), the future of podcasting and more!

Workahloics Writer Sean Clements Podcast Interview

BA #066: Sean Clements

March 1, 2015 |

On the sixty-sixth episode of Box Angeles, writer / podcaster Sean Clements (Workaholics, Parks and Recreation) stops by the studio and discusses playing doubles tennis with Matt Besser, his various odd jobs including massage therapy, and more!

Comedy's Josh Simpson Podcast Interview

BA #065: Josh Simpson

February 21, 2015 |

On the sixty-fifth episode of Box Angeles, improviser Josh Simpson stops by the studio and discusses his adoption, the idea behind the @BPGlobalPR parody account, his love of teaching improv, and more!

Open Mike Eagle Podcast Interview

BA #064: ‘Open’ Mike Eagle

February 15, 2015 |

On the sixty-fourth episode of Box Angeles, rapper Open Mike Eagle (Dark Comedy) stops by the studio and discusses doing break dancing and graffiti as a youth, almost getting kicked out of Southern Illinois, and more!

Hal Rudnick Podcast Interview

BA #063: Hal Rudnick

February 8, 2015 |

On the sixty-third episode of Box Angeles, writer / actor Hal Rudnick (Community, The Screen Junkies Show) stops by the studio and discusses how comedy got him elected student counsel president. how baseball saved his life, and more!

Writer Allan McLeod Podcast Interview

BA #062: Allan McLeod

February 1, 2015 |

On the sixty-second episode of Box Angeles, writer / actor Allan McLeod (Parks & Rec, Workaholics) stops by the studio and discusses growing up in Alabama, moving to LA after college, working as a PA for Bobby Flay, and more!