BA #001: Chris Gorbos

November 4, 2013 | 9:15 pm |

Chris Gorbos Interview


On the first ever Box Angeles podcast, actor / improviser / theater owner Chris Gorbos swings by and discusses his time in Los Angeles, WASPs, owning a theater and more!


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(Editors Note – Sorry for the audio level discrepancy, classic novice podcast problems. Won’t happen again, we promise.)



The BA #001 Breakdown —
– Dating in Los Angeles.
– Why Chris moved to LA.
– Northwestern and WASPs.
– Bethlehem, PA and growing up there.
– The social experiment known as ‘Jeopardy’.
– Chris’ ridiculous knowledge of history.
– How does someone end up owning a bar?
– Dave Matthews Band.
– Chris’ favorite places in Los Angeles.
– Chris defines himself in three professions and provides his logline.
– Movies that represent their lives.
– The two disagree on why everyone does improv these days.
– Trying to pick a closing line / sign-off.


Guest Beer — Golden Road, Burning Bush IPA


For more Chris, check out his podcast the Westside Comedy Podcast and see him in action in The Cartel Tuesdays at 930p at iO West and in The Grind Thursdays at 10p at Westside Comedy Theater. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisGorbos.

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