BA #008: Caleb Bacon

December 30, 2013 | 6:50 am |

Caleb Bacon Interview and Bio


Episode eight is going down, it’s yelling timber! On the eighth Box Angeles podcast, television writer / podcaster Caleb Bacon drops by Studio 202. He discusses working for Red Bull, writing for comedy versus drama, shares his advice for Hollywood hopefuls and more!


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The BA #008 Breakdown —
– Box enjoys Caleb’s voice.
– Breaking down the surname Bacon.
– Box rants the downfall of the “I’m sick” work excuse.
– The guys improvise some Firestone beer ads.
– Caleb’s 0 – 18 years of age summary.
– Caleb’s funny father and working for Red Bull.
– Moving to Los Angeles and random testicle ER stories.
– Starting out in Hollywood and getting into writing.
– Writing for comedy versus drama and choosing a partner.
– Caleb describes what he does in three words and gives his logline to ‘Just Bacon’.
– Caleb’s life advice and plugs.
– Closing line / sign-off.


Guest Beer — Firestone, DBA


For more Caleb, check out Sullivan & Son on TBS, listen to his podcast Man School and of course follow him on Twitter @calebeatsbacon.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is an aspiring actor. He hates shoveling snow. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder.