BA #022: Dan Gregor

April 22, 2014 | 11:13 pm |

Improviser Dan Gregor Podcast Interview


Yeah you can tell everybody, go ahead and tell everybody, episode twenty-two is the man, is the man, is the man! On the twenty-second Box Angeles podcast, writer Dan Gregor (How I Met Your Mother) stops by Studio 309. He discusses how his balls saved his life on 9/11 (and not in the way it sounds), how he felt when he first saw the Upright Citizens Brigade, his experiences writing for a network sitcom for four seasons and more!


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The BA #022 Breakdown —
– Box rants Instagram v. Instagramsss.
– Beer, bourbon and ice balls.
– Growing up on “Long Island” and speaking in funny voices.
– The ‘Mound Round of Rebound’ and briefly attending Brandeis University.
– Discovering the Upright Citizens Brigade and transferring to NYU.
– Being right up in downtown during 9/11 and how his balls saved his life.
– Studying ‘Film Satire’ and interning at The Daily Show.
– Working on Fahrenheit 9/11 and starting the Hammerkatz sketch group.
– Writing in NYC, selling in LA and getting an agent.
– Moving to Los Angeles and his favorite part of the city.
– Landing How I Met Your Mother in season 6 and his many WGA titles.
– The vibe of the writer’s room and getting Gregor’s Steakhouse named after him.
– His dating stories on the show and when he discovered the ending from the creators.
– Working the finale around the shows potential season 8 ending and the writers annual Vegas trip.
– What made him cry during HIMYM, all those lists of puns and residuals from syndication / Netflix.
– Dan describes what he does in three words and gives his logline.
– Dan shares what he enjoys to watch and who he’d like to work with.
– Dan shares what success means to him.
– Closing line / sign-off.


Guest Beer — Hangar 24, Alt-Bier Ale



For more Dan, check him out live in JV Mondays at UCB in Los Angeles, follow his character and him on Twitter,@ZeldaWeisberger and @gregorcorp.


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