BA #035: Will Hines

July 28, 2014 | 12:51 am |

UCB's Will Hines Interview and Background


Well you’re the reason why episode thirty-five’s dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower! On the thirty-fifth Box Angeles actor / improviser Will Hines (Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer) stops by Studio 309. He discusses how losing his mother at a young age affected him, his travel to Europe to find himself, starting out at Upright Citizens Brigade, why he waited so long to move to LA and more!


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The BA #035 Breakdown —
– Box rants loaves of bread are too big.
– Drinking and rituals.
– Growing up in Connecticut and losing a mother at a young age.
– Being an amateur comedy fan and attending the University of Connecticut.
– Playing in the band and changing majors.
– Starting out as a journalist and traveling alone for a few months in Europe.
– Moving to NYC after a brief stint in Boston and discovering the Upright Citizens Brigade.
– Running the UCB training center and various odd jobs.
– Waiting to move to Los Angeles and how Will ‘plays’ improv.
– Will describes what he does in three words and gives his logline.
– Will discusses who he enjoys to watch, what he’s been reading and who he’d like to work with.
– Will’s favorite thing he has done and how he defines success.
– Closing line / sign-off.


Guest Beer — Karl Strauss, Tower 10 IPA



For more Will, check him out live Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and follow him on Twitter @willhines.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is an aspiring actor. He thinks bread loaves are too large. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder.