BA #056: Eric Hunicutt

December 22, 2014 | 1:03 am |

Eric Hunicutt Podcast Interview


‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you, Saturday night and we in the spot, don’t believe episode fifty-six just watch! On the fifty-sixth Box Angeles improviser / actor Eric Hunicutt (iO West) stops by Studio 309. He discusses being a spaz as a child, doing Comedysportz in high school, odd jobs like teaching how to sail, and more!


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The BA #056 Breakdown —
– Box rants one ply toilet paper on heavy rolls (via fan Ben Johnson).
– Drinking and rituals and yoga.
– Growing up in North Carolina and having a brother.
– Being a spaz and doing everything as a child.
– Attending a performance arts magnet high school and going to University of North Carolina for film making.
– Starting Comedysportz in high school and moving to Chicago after college.
– Teaching sailing and taking classes at iO / starting The Reckoning.
– Moving to Los Angeles and starting to teach at iO West.
The BAQ —
– Eric describes what he does in three words and gives his logline.
– Eric answers why Hollywood and his favorite thing about LA.
– Eric discusses who he enjoys to watch and who he’d like to work with.
– Eric’s favorite thing he has done and how he defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


Guest Beer — Firestone, Pivo



For more Eric, check him out live at iO West and follow him on Twitter @ehunicutt.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is an aspiring actor. He hates one ply toilet paper on heavy rolls. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder.