BA #065: Josh Simpson

February 21, 2015 | 10:03 pm |

Comedy's Josh Simpson Podcast Interview


So love episode sixty-five like you do, love it like you do! On the sixty-fifth Box Angeles improviser Josh Simpson (Reno 911!, Funny or Die) stops by Studio 309. He discusses being adopted, finding improv and sketch at Syracuse, the idea behind @BPGlobalPR, and more!


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The BA #065 Breakdown —
– Box rants auto-flush toilets, submitted by fan Dillon Johnston.
– Drinking and rituals.
– Growing up in Milwaukee and being adopted.
– Being a gymnastics state champ at age 9 and loving comedy at Milwaukee Lutheran High School.
– Attending Syracuse University and resurrecting the sketch show Null & Void.
– A summer internship in Los Angeles and graduating with a tv, radio, film major / music minor.
– Working at a sporting goods store after moving home and a tough break-up.
– Moving to LA, working for Modern Marvels, Reno 911! and landing a role on the latter.
– Starting the @BPGlobalPR parody Twitter account, landing a Team CoCo gig and teaching improv
The BAQ —
– Josh describes what he does in three words and gives his logline.
– Josh answers why Hollywood and his favorite thing about LA.
– Josh discusses who he enjoys to watch and who he’d like to work with.
– Josh’s favorite thing he has done and how he defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


Guest Beer — North Coast, Scrimshaw



For more Josh, check out his website, see him live at UCB, and follow him on Twitter @mrjoshsimpson.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder hates auto-flush toilets. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder.