BA #074: Jason Shapiro

April 13, 2015 | 12:49 pm |

Writer Jason Shapiro Podcast Interview

And episode seventy-four gets high with its baby, it just left the mall, it’s getting fly with its baby! On the seventy-fourth Box Angeles writer Jason Shapiro (Betty White’s Off Their Rockers) stops by Studio 309. He discusses growing up Minnesota though attending the University of Wisconsin, his tenacity as an early 20-something in LA, the origins of @LosFelizDayCare, and more!


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The BA #074 Breakdown —
– Box rants picture menus.
– Drinking and rituals.
– Growing up in New Hope MN and traveling around for Dad’s Christmas store business.
– Growing up with two older sisters, a love of Beanie Babies and playing ultimate Frisbee.
– Landing a community theatre gig at age 8 and starting a movie club at Armstrong High School.
– Attending the University of Wisconsin for communications and moving to Los Angeles.
– Being a runner for a trailer house and emailing the Lost writers for a job.
– Working for fav show Parks & Rec and taking classes at UCB.
– How a trip to Jimmy Kimmel’s house led to a couple days of PA-ing and writing for Off Their Rockers.
– Landing an agent / manager and the origins / future of @LosFelizDayCare.
The BAQ —
– Jason describes what he does in three words.
– Jason answers why show business, why Hollywood and his favorite thing about LA.
– Jason discusses who he enjoys to watch and who he’d like to work with.
– Jason’s favorite thing he has done and how he defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


Guest Beer — Modern Times, Blazing World


For more Jason, follow his parody account @LosFelizDayCare on Twitter, and him too @JDShapiro.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder hates picture menus. Follow him on Twitter @boxangeles.