BA #077: DC Pierson

May 4, 2015 | 1:27 am |

DC Pierson Podcast Interview

Now if we’re talking body, you got a perfect one, so put it on episode seventy-seven! On the seventy-seventh Box Angeles comedian DC Pierson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Community) stops by Studio 309. He discusses being a dorky kid, the origins of Derrick Comedy, what it’s like to write a novel (twice), and more!


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The BA #077 Breakdown —
– DC gets to know Box and Box rants Ikea’s outdoor patio section.
– Drinking and sobriety and rituals.
– Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona and being a “dork”.
– Getting into theatre and attending NYU.
– Joining the Hammerkatz sketch group and Dan Gregor getting the group a regular show at UCB.
– Creating Derrick Comedy, gaining traction and doing odd jobs like babysitting.
– Selling a pilot to Comedy Central and getting representation.
– Teaching, coaching and bartending at UCB and using Derrick’s income to make Mystery Team.
– Taking the film to Sundance and moving to Los Angeles.
– Writing the novel The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To with help from Eliza Skinner and then Crap Kingdom.
– Finding a community in LA, what’s the goal and career advice.
The BAQ —
– DC describes what he does in three words.
– DC answers why show business, why Hollywood and his favorite thing about LA.
– DC discusses who he enjoys to watch and who he’d like to work with.
– DC’s favorite thing he has done and how he defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


Guest Beer — Modern Times, Fortunate Islands



For more DC, buy both of his novels on Amazon, catch him live at UCB in Shitty Jobs and follow him on Twitter @dcpierson.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder hates Ikea. Follow him on Twitter @boxangeles.