BA #082: Julie Brister

June 7, 2015 | 11:34 pm |

Actor Julie Brister Podcast Interview

Girl, you’re the one episode eighty-two wants to want it, and if you want it, girl, you got it! On the eighty-second Box Angeles actor / improviser Julie Brister (Parks and Recreation, Review) stops by Studio 309. She discusses being a sheltered kid in Texas, abusing the freedom in college, living in France, getting in at UCB in New York as it opened, and more!


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The BA #082 Breakdown —
– Box rants nobody watches baseball at the games.
– Drinking and rituals.
– Growing up in Lubbock, TX and having a busy schedule as a kid.
– Participating in Oral Interpretation and competing in nationals.
– Attending Southwestern University and floundering with the freedoms.
– Failing classes, actor lab and graduating with a BFA in Theatre,
– A semester in NYC and working jobs like at an acting studio, the NYC Philharmonic.
– Moving to France and moving back working for a prop house.
– Starting stand up comedy before discovering UCB and taking a women’s comedy class with Tina Fey.
– Background on UCB show, bits on Conan, joining the union and working at Court TV.
– Moving to Los Angeles and aiming for a theatrical agent.
– Parks and Rec, Reno 911! and successes.
The BAQ —
– Julie describes what she does in three words.
– Julie answers why show business, why Hollywood and her favorite thing about LA.
– Julie discusses who she enjoys to watch and who she’d like to work with.
– Julie’s favorite thing she has done and how she defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


Guest Beer — Firestone, Easy Jack IPA



For more Julie, catch her in ‘Review’ or ‘Reno 911!’ on Amazon, go see her perform at Upright Citizens Brigade, and follow her on Twitter @bristahsouljah.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder hates that nobody watches baseball while at the games. Follow him on Twitter @boxangeles.