BA #143: Marcy Jarreau

August 14, 2016 | 10:55 pm |

Marcy Jarreau Podcast Interview

On the one-hundred and forty-third Box Angeles improviser Marcy Jarreau (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Adam Ruins Everything) stops by Studio 309. She discusses growing up in Louisiana, fovcusing on improv from an early age, working at Bubba Gump’s in Times Square, and more!


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The BA #143 Breakdown
– Box rants talking tipping with coins.
– Drinking and rituals and crystals.
– Growing up in Louisiana and starting improv as a teenager.
– Attending LSU briefly and transferring to Southeastern Louisiana University.
– Getting dropped off in NYC from her family and living in a women’s home.
– Working at Bubba Gump’s in Times Square and taking UCB classes.
– Putting all the eggs in the improv basket and moving to Los Angeles.
– Working on The To Do List, small gigs and odd jobs.
– Marcy describes what she does in three words.
– Marcy answers why show business, why Hollywood and her favorite part of LA.
– Marcy discusses what content she consumes and who she’d like to work with.
– Marcy’s favorite thing she has done (& least) and how she defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


STUDIO BEER – Reel Brewery, Narcissus IPA



For more Marcy, catch her in Comedy Bang! Bang! on Amazon and follow her on Twitter @marcylane.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder is not a fan of paying with coins. Follow him @boxangeles.