BA #172: Melissa Stetten

March 19, 2017 | 8:40 pm |

Model Melissa Stetten Podcast Interview


On the one-hundred and seventy-second Box Angeles model Melissa Stetten (Key and Peele, Blue Bloods) stops by Studio 309. She discusses being a painfully shy kid, studying film at LACC, not planning on getting into modeling, and more!


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The BA #172 Breakdown
– Box rants being scared when thinking you are alone.
– Drinking and rituals.
– Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, being painfully shy and pulling teeth.
– Driving to raves and playing sports.
– Going to Western Michigan University and drinking / eating.
– Moving to Los Angeles and working at a camera store.
– Attending LACC for film and taking UCB classes.
– Interning at Robot Chicken, Tim & Eric and getting into modeling via open call.
– Booking gigs right away, moving to NYC and doing runway.
– The live tweeting airplane incident and dabbling in blogging / acting.
– Melissa describes what she does in three words.
– Melissa answers why show business, why Hollywood and her favorite part of LA.
– Melissa discusses what content she consumes and who she’d like to work with.
– Melissa’s favorite thing she has done (& least) and how she defines success.
– Choose your own adventure sign-off.


STUDIO BEER – Reel Brewery, Narcissus IPA



For more Melissa, catch her in The Pistol Shrimps on Amazon and follow her on Twitter @MelissaStetten.

An aspiring actor, Mike ‘Box’ Elder hates being scared. Follow him @boxangeles.