The Box Angeles podcast finds host Mike 'Box' Elder using humorous rants and reflections to extract insightful commentary from Los Angeles based professionals on what it takes to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

Guest television credits include Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, Mad Men, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Veep, Orange Is The New Black, Bob's Burgers, Workaholics, Grey's Anatomy, Drunk History, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, ER, The Office, and Saturday Night Live ...

Guest web series credits include Epic Rap Battles of History, Between Two Ferns, Other Space, 7p10e, Jake and Amir, and Let's Talk About Something More Interesting ...

Guest film credits include Jurassic World, Inglourious Basterds, The Wolf of Wall Street, Bad Boys II, Step Brothers, Zoolander, Central Intelligence, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, This Is The End, You've Got Mail, Superbad, I Love You Man, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier ... among many, many others.

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The podcast is critically acclaimed, and not just by Box’ mom. Here are some of the nice things said.


October 2016The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #151: Todd Glass
“… a compelling episode …”
August 2016The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #142: Ingrid Haas
“… Elder’s increasingly endearing podcast …”
May 2016Splitsider – ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts‘ – #131: Matt Walsh
“Podcasts We’re Listening To.”
February 2016The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #118: Echo Kellum
“… it continues to stand out for its showbiz pragmatism as opposed to any kind of shallow Hollywood glad-handing.”
December 2015The AV Club – ‘Best of 2015 Podmass
“When talking with the charming, easygoing Elder, [guests] seem immune to pretension.”
October 2015Splitsider – ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts‘ – #100: Scott Aukerman
“Podcasts We’re Listening To.”
October 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #100: Scott Aukerman
“Aukerman eats, sleeps, and breathes comedy … so does Elder.”
September 2015Splitsider – ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts‘ – #094: Kumail Nanjiani
“Mike’s point … is surround [yourself] with people who are better and learn …”
July 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #088: Lauren Lapkus
“… modesty, enthusiasm, and conviviality are still the primary hallmarks of the show.”
July 2015Tim Talks – ‘Podcast Review
“Elder’s witty banter and mid-western charm facilitates genuine responses from his guests …”
June 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #080: Suzi Barrett
“[Listeners] will probably walk away laughing.”
May 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #077: Dominic Dierkes
“Like most episodes of Box Angeles, it’s another unique take on the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.”
April 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #071 to #073: Cook County Social Club Week
“[Elder]’s becoming one of the best interviewers in the podcasting world.”
February 2015The AV Club – ‘Podmass‘ – #061: Milana Vayntrub
“An easygoing conversation … that’s compulsively listenable.”
November 2014Splitsider – ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts‘ – #051: Gil Ozeri
“If you’re trying to make it in Hollywood, you might want to hear what the guests of Box Angeles have to say.”
September 2014Splitsider – ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts‘ – #040: Dorian Frankel
“Podcasts We’re Listening To.”
July 2014The Guardian – ‘Best Entertainment Podcasts
“It’s a nice reflective look at show business … Box [is] so endearing.”



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